Here comes the sun, little darling

Is there anything more cliché than a street musician playing one of the Beatles’ best song in England ? Actually he did it pretty well and the weather became shinier as long as he was singing.
I was being stolen by my beloved bank withdrawing some cash when I heard his sweet voice. I began to sing and the people next to me started to whistle it as well.
Just a bit of happiness in this cruel capitalist world.
Here comes the sun, baby. I’ll soon get a job.


A-a-a-a staying alive, staying alive

My main concern for the moment is not finding a job (well, it should be actually). But it is more about crossing the road without being hit by a kéké’s car. If anyone knows the English equivalent for kéké, please write it as a comment. For English speakers, a kéké is usually a young man driving a car with a very bad musical taste and the bass speakers very loud. A kéké always drives too fast and is as dangerous as ugly most of the time.
The thing is I never know on what side I should look before crossing. So I spend 10 seconds each time looking for cars on both sides. I am still not used to seeing cars on the wrong side of the road.
Besides, since I was a child I’ve always had problems with distinguishing my left hand from my right one. I know it is a shame. Actually, I am right-handed. So I know that the hand I write with is my right one. But it is not as easy as it seems. There are many things I just can’t do with that hand. For example, I can only snap my left-hand fingers. When I want to open a jam pot, I usually manage it with my left hand as well.
I remember my driving teacher going crazy, shouting at me ” I told you to turn on your LEFT ! YOUR LEFT ! Are you deaf or dumb ?”. Well, great memories …
Next chapter of my so exciting English life: managing to find a job. (First, let’s try not to die while crossing the street to catch the bus)

Why don’t you get a job ? [I won’t pay, I won’t pay you, no way ]

Or why don’t I get one ? I just feel useless. I’ve been here for one week at least and I haven’t found a job yet which I would be enough interested in to write a proper cover letter.
I’ve written and sent some applications, of course. Many ads were just boring,as for the others I wonder whether I understood them well.
I am not one of those kind of person able to lie “I would be delighted to make these sandwiches or to sweep the road”. I am not sorry.
Maybe I’ve just studied too much and I should learn about humility now. I perfectly know where my frustration comes from. I love writing. I’m addicted to this. As I know how things work in France, whenever I write a cover letter in French I know exactly how I will make my reader smile or read my resume.
I just can’t do that in English.
Luckily, a very kind friend of mine (great news, I have new friends!) read my resume, made some corrections and printed it at her work. I’ll meet her this afternoon to get my copies and bring one to a Reed agency right after.
Hope I’ll find something funnier than making sandwiches. (perhaps I should try as it is a good way to learn new recipes 🙂 )

Shiny happy people laughing [at me]

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I just feel like I’ve been cheated. When I arrived at the airport, I took some cash at the bank cashier. I knew that my so-loved French bank would charge me with commissions each time I try to use the money I’ve worked for. But I didn’t know it would hurt so much. It’s like my bank has invented a new game: let’s steal as much money as we can from her account and keep on pretending it is normal and legal.

Then today I bought a “pay as you go” mobile phone. I clearly told the seller I wanted the cheapest one. I didn’t know why I added I would like to text France as well. So I bought an internation SIM card, with a Vodaphone cellphone so I just paid £50 for only £20 of real communications.
At least, I shouldn’t complain as I have a phone number which is ahahahhaa. Did you really think I would give you my phone number ? I still don’t have any friends here but I’ve just kept good habits from Paris. (show me your picture first then I’ll know if you’re worthy of being given my phone number ;-))

I just feel like everybody in the crowd wants to take my money. That’s why shiny happy people seem to want, don’t they ?
Maybe I’m just paranoid.
Maybe I’m just lost.
Maybe I should search for a well-paid boring job instead of creative and interesting jobs. (it usually helps to pay the bills).

Ela-ela-ela e e e under my umbrella [you can’t stand under it, sorry]

I should never complain about British weather. Because it’s just something too easy. As a Frog, I should enjoy the rain. Well, I don’t. Every single evening, you can hear “rain” during the weather forecast. So I had to buy an umbrella because I left mine in Paris as I was told English umbrellas are very reliable.

Actually, just a few shops sell umbrellas (as it seems all the British people were delivered with one sample at their birth). So after my beautiful hair was totally spoilt thanks to the rain, I managed to find eventually one.
One thing I learnt when I was in Rouen:wear shiny bright clothes so that even if it rains, you bring happiness to the people you meet. You’re like a rainbow in their heart, hahaha. So I had the choice between the black-not-so-original one which suits every clothes you wear and the pinky one. I chose the second one of course.

pink umbrella for children
pink umbrella for children

When I opened it, I realized that  it was an umbrella for children. It was like a toy actually. I hate the little tiny umbrellas.   How will I be able to give a shelter to an handsome guy under the rain ? I will never sing “you can stand under my umbrella” to anyone. The person will only think I’ve stolen this umbrella to my 4-year-old daughter.
I’m so upset.

Ears candy >>

Can’t buy me love/Money can’t buy me love

Money can’t buy me a bus ticket in the West Midlands neither.

When you take your ticket in that bus network you MUST have change for safety reasons. I didn’t know that. Nobody tells you things like that, especially when you directly arrive from the airport. The bus driver just stared at me as if I were an alien. So I had to get off the bus with all my stuff and ask for change to very nice people. And wait 30 minutes for the next bus. Then I met French students. At first I didn’t want to talk to them but I think I looked so desperate that they had a little chat with me. It was very kind of them, they indicated me where were the good places where I should look for rooms.

Well, let’s pray I’ll soon find my perfect place-to-be !

Sunny (yesterday my life was not filled with rain !)

Can you imagine that ?
When we landed at B’ham International Airport, the weather was quite fine, it was sunny ! In England ! OK, I suppose that sort of things only happen one day in August. Well at least, it didn’t last very long and it’s rather windy here so don’t expect the clouds to be very far from you at anytime of the day… I didn’t bring any raincoat as my bag was too thin for it but it was the first thing I bought here..

Never heard about Brumie’s fashion attitude ? Neither did I actually. I managed to find one not too bad nor expensive at Primark. (with an umbrella as well). Ready (to face Great Britain’s so warm weather), steady, swim !