Ela-ela-ela e e e under my umbrella [you can’t stand under it, sorry]

I should never complain about British weather. Because it’s just something too easy. As a Frog, I should enjoy the rain. Well, I don’t. Every single evening, you can hear “rain” during the weather forecast. So I had to buy an umbrella because I left mine in Paris as I was told English umbrellas are very reliable.

Actually, just a few shops sell umbrellas (as it seems all the British people were delivered with one sample at their birth). So after my beautiful hair was totally spoilt thanks to the rain, I managed to find eventually one.
One thing I learnt when I was in Rouen:wear shiny bright clothes so that even if it rains, you bring happiness to the people you meet. You’re like a rainbow in their heart, hahaha. So I had the choice between the black-not-so-original one which suits every clothes you wear and the pinky one. I chose the second one of course.

pink umbrella for children
pink umbrella for children

When I opened it, I realized that  it was an umbrella for children. It was like a toy actually. I hate the little tiny umbrellas.   How will I be able to give a shelter to an handsome guy under the rain ? I will never sing “you can stand under my umbrella” to anyone. The person will only think I’ve stolen this umbrella to my 4-year-old daughter.
I’m so upset.

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3 thoughts on “Ela-ela-ela e e e under my umbrella [you can’t stand under it, sorry]”

  1. Continuez comme ça, je m’amuse beaucoup à vous lire! Merci pour ces joyeux souvenirs (histoire du bus!).
    Emilie (ex-conseillère ANPE)

  2. Well, you should not have wanted to stand out …. it’s so funny 🙂

    PS : Can I buy it for my sister ? I think she would love it … and I hope she can (stand under it)

  3. Merci Emilie pour ces compliments ! Bonne continuation, (et bonnes vacances d’abord :-))

    Hery, I’m sure your little sister would love my umbrella. Actually, I can give her mine, because I’d like to buy a bigger one. (it is not only for me, but for nice guys as well :))

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