Shiny happy people laughing [at me]

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I just feel like I’ve been cheated. When I arrived at the airport, I took some cash at the bank cashier. I knew that my so-loved French bank would charge me with commissions each time I try to use the money I’ve worked for. But I didn’t know it would hurt so much. It’s like my bank has invented a new game: let’s steal as much money as we can from her account and keep on pretending it is normal and legal.

Then today I bought a “pay as you go” mobile phone. I clearly told the seller I wanted the cheapest one. I didn’t know why I added I would like to text France as well. So I bought an internation SIM card, with a Vodaphone cellphone so I just paid £50 for only £20 of real communications.
At least, I shouldn’t complain as I have a phone number which is ahahahhaa. Did you really think I would give you my phone number ? I still don’t have any friends here but I’ve just kept good habits from Paris. (show me your picture first then I’ll know if you’re worthy of being given my phone number ;-))

I just feel like everybody in the crowd wants to take my money. That’s why shiny happy people seem to want, don’t they ?
Maybe I’m just paranoid.
Maybe I’m just lost.
Maybe I should search for a well-paid boring job instead of creative and interesting jobs. (it usually helps to pay the bills).


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