Why don’t you get a job ? [I won’t pay, I won’t pay you, no way ]

Or why don’t I get one ? I just feel useless. I’ve been here for one week at least and I haven’t found a job yet which I would be enough interested in to write a proper cover letter.
I’ve written and sent some applications, of course. Many ads were just boring,as for the others I wonder whether I understood them well.
I am not one of those kind of person able to lie “I would be delighted to make these sandwiches or to sweep the road”. I am not sorry.
Maybe I’ve just studied too much and I should learn about humility now. I perfectly know where my frustration comes from. I love writing. I’m addicted to this. As I know how things work in France, whenever I write a cover letter in French I know exactly how I will make my reader smile or read my resume.
I just can’t do that in English.
Luckily, a very kind friend of mine (great news, I have new friends!) read my resume, made some corrections and printed it at her work. I’ll meet her this afternoon to get my copies and bring one to a Reed agency right after.
Hope I’ll find something funnier than making sandwiches. (perhaps I should try as it is a good way to learn new recipes 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Why don’t you get a job ? [I won’t pay, I won’t pay you, no way ]”

  1. I hope you will have the job you expect ( I also will pray for that).
    Until then you can begin to sell sandwiches … thus you can pay your bills.

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