A-a-a-a staying alive, staying alive

My main concern for the moment is not finding a job (well, it should be actually). But it is more about crossing the road without being hit by a kéké’s car. If anyone knows the English equivalent for kéké, please write it as a comment. For English speakers, a kéké is usually a young man driving a car with a very bad musical taste and the bass speakers very loud. A kéké always drives too fast and is as dangerous as ugly most of the time.
The thing is I never know on what side I should look before crossing. So I spend 10 seconds each time looking for cars on both sides. I am still not used to seeing cars on the wrong side of the road.
Besides, since I was a child I’ve always had problems with distinguishing my left hand from my right one. I know it is a shame. Actually, I am right-handed. So I know that the hand I write with is my right one. But it is not as easy as it seems. There are many things I just can’t do with that hand. For example, I can only snap my left-hand fingers. When I want to open a jam pot, I usually manage it with my left hand as well.
I remember my driving teacher going crazy, shouting at me ” I told you to turn on your LEFT ! YOUR LEFT ! Are you deaf or dumb ?”. Well, great memories …
Next chapter of my so exciting English life: managing to find a job. (First, let’s try not to die while crossing the street to catch the bus)


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