Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Not for British people actually. They just spend the whole day apologising. ” Ooh sorry. I’m really sorry. Sorry to say sorry. Sorry to be sorry to have to say sorry, etc…” I just figure out I’m the rudest person in the country. (who said, it’s normal because you are French? !!).

At least, I do not call anybody Darling. Here in the Midlands, there is an expression that everybody uses 20 times a day, it is “darling”. When I’m lost in the bus and I ask for directions you can be pretty sure someone is going to tell me “oh Darling, you should take that bus, Darling. You’re going the wrong way, Darling”.
The first time I was startled: come on, I’m not your darling. I’m the darling of my darling but I don’t know you. How come you just call me like that ? (well actually I didn’t say that aloud, but I thought it in such a strong way that you could read it on my face).
Now I’m getting used to hearing this. So I think I will try to say it to the next handsome guy I see on the bus. To see how he reacts. :-))
(EDIT= I’ve just been told, this works only with female and generally it is people older than you who tell you that sort of things. I’m so upset. 😉 )