‘Cause I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

18th of October – 18th of August. I realised this morning that I’ve been here for two months. Time to look back, uh ?

So, what have I learnt since I’m here ?
Erm, has anyone another question maybe ?
Just kidding.
I’ve learnt that you have to fight hard even to get a job as waitress. Forget about your diplomas and your former expectations. Be happy if they let you become a cleaner.
I had a CV surgery as they call it. It is a review of your CV with nice people supposed to help you find a job.
“Your CV doesn’t make you justice”, I’ve been told.
“You put too much information in it”.True. I nodded in a guilty way like I felt sorry for having skills. So I rewrote it as they told me. Basically, what’s in my CV now ?
My name is Vola and I can read and write.
I’m not kidding that time. Hope it will help me to find a job at McDonald’s.
So, still no rewarding job, but it teaches me patience and humility (who said I needed it?).

What else?
At least, I have a flat. Or I should say: I had a flat. This is another thing I learnt here. Never trust a Pakistanese landlord.
I would never be able to say that type of things in France without being called “racist”. But you can’t deny that that landlord has a condescendant way of dealing with people who arrived more recently in UK than he. He pretends to be more British than other migrants. That is supposed to grant him with special rights. I hate him, but I love his house. I visited dozens of other flats. There is no comparison. So I don’t want to move but on the 2nd of November, if we haven’t found another flatmate, well… Start from scratch.

With being here in UK for 2 months, I thought I would have settled somewhere. But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
Or perhaps, I still don’t know what I’m looking for…

PS: sorry for a so-sad come-back but one month without internet at home has just let me in a suicidal mood (almost 😉 )